Walking across the Amazon Rain Forest
While many people think of adventure when they talk about the jungle, the Amazon Rainforest has an amazing spiritual experience for everyone. From beautiful landscapes and views, exotic animals and a crude and ignored reality, lived by the locals.
A crude reality in a matter of living, and surviving.
Not only for people, but for animals which are constant prays for hunters. Some of them get a second chance, lose some of their feathers and thankfully, got rescued by some of the natives. 
There can't be so much beauty, without some horrible things in the way.
This was my first time in the jungle, were I recorded and documented everything I saw from parts of the jungle where the government and the internet are not know.

A native mother that just came back from fishing. Going out in the river to get the dinner for her children.

This beautiful Guacamayo, has a hole in the middle of the chest. He was rescued from ilegal hunters that kept him in a small cage while they took away their feathers to make those silly gifts they sell to tourist in the city.

This Parrot was rescued from the ilegal hunters. He is just getting back its feathers while living in a refuge.

The rain suddenly became so strong that we had to take refuge in native house. While we talked with the owners, some kids went out in the storm to play football. They are used to those conditions.

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