The Great Beach Migration
This is a random photo project. When you live in a beach city, every summer, the beach becomes your street. We are used to seeing pavement, walls, roads, and many of that stuff when we talk about street photography, but my street was filled with sand. So, I took my Nikon D5600 along with a 200mm lens and my Nikkor 35mm to see what happens.​​​​​​​
I was just taking several pictures the first two weeks when I realized that they could be arrange in a big group, a visual story with two chapters. So I kept taking pictures during the summer of 2022 in Lima, our first summer without the pandemic, and this is what happened.
"The Great Migration"
The concrete streets were empty since everybody left for the sand streets. The fun and interesting thing is that it actually looked like a migration, like the ones we learnt on our history books. Some grabbed their stuff, some others walked empty handed, some got up to work, some others just to chill… but the entire city migrated every morning to the shore. That’s the first part of our migration story, their move to the beach.
"The Beach Life"
We’ve seen them move to the beach with different stuff. Now like any migration, they must settle down and get their street life going. So I moved from the far of their road towards the beach, walked their own path and stand by the shore to see what this migrators do. This part is in Black & White to pay close attention to what these settlers do until the sun comes down. Their lifestyle and emotions in the sandy streets.
The End.
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