“A limited edition coin collection that represents everything we are leaving up to chance.”
With the presidential elections getting closer, we wondered how can we convince people to vote, specially when several campaigns have told them that their votes matter and that every single vote can make the difference. We decided to prove how a single vote is literally what separates us from luck, and the people's will.
Did you know that ‍coin tosses are still used in many states to resolve electoral ties? Since the day of our founding fathers, coin tosses have been putting representatives in office at almost any level, from senators to mayors, judges, sheriffs and even winning caucuses. With the flip of a coin, we’re leaving the decision on important topics up to chance.
Electoral Coins is a commemorative, limited-edition coin collection that shines a light on an antiquated method that should be corrected; and, most importantly, aims to prove that every single vote matters. 
The electoral coins Launched in an infomercial style and available online for everyone who makes a donation to IssueVoter.
Client: IssueVoter
Agency: the community NY
Role: Sr. Copywriter
Film (Coinfomercial)
These are... The Electoral Coins.
The Book Ban Coin
A 24k-ish gold coin that honors the hard decisions in our education system. Are they old enough to learn these topics in school? To teach them or not to teach them, that is the question, and why on Earth should a person carry the weight of answering it, when a coin could do it.
The Marijuana Coin
A 24k-ish gold coin that commemorates the possibility of another product in our stores, or more people in our prisons. Should marijuana be legally commercialized and used? Or should it be banned and punished? These handcrafted designs will make this decision for us.
The Environment Coin
A 24k-ish gold coin that commemorates one of the never-ending debates in politics. This is the Environment Coin. On one side, a green future that relies on renewable energy. On the other side, the trusted model of fossil fuels that powered the industrial revolution. A debate decided purely by chance.
The Gun Laws Coin
A 24k-ish gold coin to decide if there should be tighter gun control or if we should respect the Second Amendment. A controversial decision that can only be made by an unbiased, almighty and wise coin.
The Immigration Coin
A 24k-ish gold coin that honors the hard decisions made on our borders. Heavier immigration policies or more welcoming policies for foreigners. Are we a nation of immigrants or are they here to take our jobs? It’s not fair for a person to carry the weight of such a decision when, on the other hand, a coin doesn’t feel weight.
These are the posters that we placed around the city and on social media to keep the conversation going.
The Electoral Coins are available at www.electoralcoins.com (at least for the time being). The website tells you the whole story of coin flips, our special coins topics and what you can do to not leave America's fate up to chance.
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