Substitute Workers
“The first line up ever, made by foreigners from countries that didn’t qualify to the world cup.”
After 36 years, Perú got into the World Cup. The entire country was going to stop and watch the matches, except from some people, the factory workers. And in the case of our client, Laive, it wasn't different. A dairy factory can't stop. So how can we help their workers watch the matches when every Peruvian will be in front of a TV?
We hired a team o "Substitute Workers" people living in Peru, from countries that didn't qualify to the World Cup. So, our team of Chileans, Italians, Americans, Venezuelas, etc, came to the factory to replace our Peruvian workers when the match was about to begin. We posted the content on social media and people went nuts. The other factories got jealous, and many new followers started sending their resumes to our Facebook account. But most importantly, we probed that at Laive, we care for our people.
Client: Laive
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Lima
Role: Creative Copywriter
Case Study
Bronze Lion / Cannes Lions 2019. PR Diverse Insight
Bronze Star / Ad Stars 2020. Film
Crystal Star / Ad Stars 2020. Diverse insight
Silver FIAP / FIAP 2018. Social Content.
Shortlist / El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2018. Sports
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