“An intelligent Perfect Bar that takes you where the real Perfect Bars are."
Perfect Bar is a protein bar with 16g of protein and 20+ superfoods, but one great characteristics that also created a problem... No artificial preservatives.

That means that we can't be in the snack aisle with all the other protein bars. Instead we have to be refrigerated, meaning that we usually stand next to the milk, eggs and vegetables. 

Regardless of what we do, we are unable to make people understand that we are in the refrigerated aisle, they are still looking por Perfect Bar in the snack aisle and then complaining on twitter and social media. That's why we went all in to make our point to at least some people. We created a fake Perfect Bar, one made of circuits and metal, to be able to live in the snack aisle and act as an intelligent (AI) GPS device that takes people across the shop to Perfect Bar. 
Our device looked just like a regular Perfect Bar but it had a screen and was able to talk, guiding people through the store. The entire activation was recorded and then share on social media for people to see how far we took it to make the point. We even hired famous impostors like Chelsea Blackwell why claimed to looked just like Megan Fox, just so that people talked about our impostor being recognized by other impostors.
Client: Perfect Bar
Agency: the community
Role: Sr. Copywriter
Case Study
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