"If you ever felt something for your Sim, imagine if it came to life."
There are many dogs in shelters, abandoned dogs that will spend the rest of their lives there because people are not able to connect with them with just a quick look. Nevertheless, there is a specific target that is able to create bonds with dogs without been with them... The Sims Players. So, we digitalize our dogs with the game itself, send them to The Sims as files for them to place the dogs as options for adoption in the game. The game becomes a platform for shelters to digitalize dogs, and the players that adopt the real ones, receive a message after the raised those dogs, telling them that their dog is real... only that no one gave him a chance like he just did in the game, meet your Sim dog and adopt it.
Client: ASF & The Sims
School: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Role: Creative
Case Study
Digitalization process in the game itself
Upload their personalities in the game
Adoption process in the game
Gold / Andy Awards 2022. Idea Category.
Silver / Clio Awards. Video Game
Bronze / ADC Awards Young Ones. Design for good.
Merit / ADC Awards Young Ones. Direct.
Shortlist / ADC Awards Young Ones. Innovation.
Silver / MUSE Awards 2022. Others.
Silver / FIAP Awards 2021. Format Category.
Shortlist / New York Festivals 2021. Positive World Change.
Gold / MUSE Awards 2022. Advertising.
Gold / Nyx Marcom Awards 2022. Advertising.
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