"The first campaign, that will be shared in a coin forever."
Peru became the country with the highest UV radiation rate in the world. The thing is, that we cannot communicate it to the entire country since we are not connected, neither the internet nor mass media reaches every corner of Peru. Although the Sun is hurting people in Peru, there’s another sun that can help us prevent it, and that’s our coin, the Peruvian “Sol” (which its name translates to sun). The only thing that reaches every corner of the country. Since our coin has already been used by the government to create awareness about important topics, we decided to create 3 designs meant to raise awareness about the fact that there is another sun in Peru, that is hurting us… designed with the products that will protect us from the highest radiation in the world. Throughout newspapers and social media, we compromised the Peruvian Coin House to create the coins, making the entire country talk about it before the coin starts circulating from hand to hand.
Client: Una Vida Por Dakota
Agency: VMLY&R Lima
Role: Creative Copywriter
Case Study
Designed Coins
Letter printed in Newspapers
People talking about it
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