“Precursors of male breast cancer self-examinations, from centuries ago.”
While breast cancer is more common in women. For men, it has a high mortality rate since they don't believe it is a possibility. They never get checked and therefore they discover it at a late stage. Something as simple as a self-examination, touching your chest from time to time, can prevent people from being part of those deadly statistics.
It turns out that, for some aesthetic reason, several ancient men posed for paintings with their hands touching their chests in a position similar to that of a self-examination. That is why we have decided to name these painters, precursors of breast self-examination in men, visionaries of past centuries who were already showing that a man touching his chest for long periods of time was nothing to make a scandal about. So let's follow the example of these pioneers of the past. And let's touch our chests again.
Client: League Against Cancer
Agency: VMLY&R Lima
Role: Creative Copywriter
"League Against Cancer uses historic figures to encourage men to check their breasts"
-Little Black Book
Published in Lürzer's Archive. Edition 2023 Vol 1
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